Molecular Assays

Lab Operations

We offer accelerated optimized validation of gene and cell therapy assays using state of the art technologies Our specialties focus on sensitivity, specificity and stability of genome engineered assays Our offering includes but goes beyond the mainstream sequence based technologies and reach up to the latest and most advanced molecular techniques that pushes the boundaries of genomics

Scientific Support

Our team is composed of experts in the field of gene therapy, gene editing, genome engineering and molecular biology technologies. We have the experience to accompany you to optimize your assay design and help you go through the validation phase.

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Genome editing

Obtain the optimal analytical workflow for the characterization of on-target rearrangements, off- target mapping and translocations thanks to the combination of powerful molecular technologies.

Insertion strategies

Using a combination of cutting edge molecular tools, achieve high sensitive efficiency detection, characterization of insertion profiles, as well in-vivo customized assays.

Non-integrative strategies

Assess expression profiles, transgene stability and/or unexpected integration events using an optimal mix of genomic technologies.

Biomanufacturing assays

Get a thorough analysis of your engineered cell lines in terms of molecular stability over time in cycling and non-cycling cells and determine the viral forms proportion of your batch production.

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If you are interested to learn more about how we can help you with the validation of your pre-clinical developments, contact our Application Scientist team.